We are a creative provider of visual technologies.

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immersive installations / video mapping / corporate rooms / virtual sceneries for XD Reality / video tracking / sensorial experiences / media facade / DCP cinema / experimental and artistic interventions / events / consumer & brand experience / projections / monumental images / LED curtains and panels / interactive audiovisual installations / permanent projects / image processing / unreal engine / 360-degree dome projection / video art / spectacles / shows / tours / water projection / holograms / media rooms

With over 35 years of solid experience, On has been developing and implementing the most exciting audiovisual projects of various sizes and approaches.  

We are one of the largest audiovisual technology solutions providers in Latin America, also operating in Europe.

More than just a technology provider: we create experiences to connect people.



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Innovative in audiovisual solutions. Videomapping with 50k lumens projectors (the first in South America) for the Christmas event at CC SESC Quitandinha. Learn more ︎


Cutting-edge technology. Disguise's PRO series, the industry-leading platform of the new era of visual experiences in live events, XR broadcasts, virtual production, and more. Learn more ︎


We are experts in immersion! On's audiovisual technology at the "Michelangelo: The Sistine Chapel Master" exhibition at MIS Experience. We create environments that transport viewers. See more ︎

If you're looking to create a differentiated shopping journey for your customers, check out this immersive stand at Parque Global, the largest urban development project underway in Latin America. Explore more ︎

Explore others consumer project experiences by clicking here ︎

The FIESP iconic facade headquarters in Paulista Avenue is the SESI's Digital Gallery. Proudly an On creation: the biggest interactive audiovisual structure in Latin America. It became a tourist attraction in Sao Paulo.
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