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15th Birthday Party - Digital Scenography 

Digital scenography is revolutionizing the decoration of parties and events: with the use of projection technology, incredible and immersive scenarios can be created, often without the need for physical constructions, adding a digital layer to the visual experience and without generating waste from the production of disposable ephemeral scenarios. We celebrated a 15th birthday party with impeccable projections that highlighted the facade.

Technical Sheet:
Digital Scenography and Videomapping: Vortex Studio
Creative Director and General Coordinator: Guilherme Pedreiro (@pedreiro.art)
Ceremonial: @up_producoesbh
Decoration: @verdequetequeroverde
Records: Milmeios
Projection: On Projeções
Technical Supervisor: @allersonpinto
Technicians: Ronaldo Pires Lucidio; @rafael.charles; @roger_webert
Commercial Service: @marconi.furfuro
Architect: @carolmaacedo_
Editing: @fernanda.sfa

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