Christie Griffyn 4K50-RBG

Projector Christie Griffyn 4K50-RGB
We have available the Christie Griffyn 4K50-RGB projectors, the first 50,000 lumens brightness projectors in existence in South America, and the only ones of their kind in all of Latin America.

These projectors have native 4K
4K resolution, also known as Ultra HD or 2160p, refers to a screen resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, totaling 8,294,400 pixels rendered per frame. Having native 4K means the projector renders all these pixels per frame in real form, without upscaling (stretching the native resolution up to the desired resolution and filling in gaps with selected colors from existing pixel information) or checkerboarding (rendering one frame with half the resolution and the next frame with the other half, combining both to create a "4K" image), as many other devices do.

They use 3DLP technology (Digital Light Processing)
In other words, they have 3 chips for digital light processing, which works by reflecting light from a microscopic mirrored panel (DMD). With 3 DLP, each chip corresponds to an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color signal, allowing the projectors to achieve the highest brightness level currently possible in projection.

They feature pure RGB laser technology and Rec. 2020 color gamut
Pure RGB laser technology is the only projection technology that supports the Rec. 2020 color gamut, which offers more than double the colors compared to Rec. 709 and 41% more than DCI-P3 projectors. The wider color gamut directly enhances the visual experience, presenting content with purer, more lifelike colors and greater vividness. As a result, the audience enjoys a more immersive experience due to the greater fidelity to real colors.

Lightweight, compact, and quiet
Weighing 89.3 kg (without lenses) and with dimensions of 0.2m³, these projectors are the lightest and most compact in comparison to other projectors of similar size available on the market. Moreover, they operate at maximum brightness with a noise level of just 46dB (in quiet ventilation mode at ambient temperatures up to 23°C), comparable to the noise level of a quiet refrigerator or a quiet bookstore.
laser light source
light brightness 50,000 lumens
resolution 4K (4096 x 2160)
contrast ratio 5,000:1
weight 89.3 kg
dimensions (mm) (HxWxD) 922 x 635 x 380

Available lens:
0.9:1 high brightness fixed lens - ILS4
1.45-2.17:1 high brightness zoom lens - ILS4
2.71-3.89:1 high brightness zoom lens - ILS4

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