DOLBY DSS200 video server

The Dolby Screen Server (DSS200) - the core of the Dolby Digital Cinema system was designed by Dolby specifically for cinema and projection rooms, with the flexibility to meet your needs. The DSS200 is based on the existing Dolby technology, certified by FIPS media block and DCI-compliant server. DSS200 media decrypts the film data and decodes the image. It produces encrypted image data link for the digital cinema projector and audio data for the cinema sound processor. The media block is reprogrammable to accommodate future developments in image and sound formats and ensures the highest image quality. quality and sound.The DSS200 supports the JPEG playback format of 2000, in the DCI standard, and MPEG-2 for compatibility with alternative content. A set of RAID 5 on hard disk stores digital content for playback. For delivery, a removable drive bay accommodates industry-standard hard content drives. The content can also be loaded via a DVD-ROM drive or over a network. It is possible to run the program locally or remotely via TMS Dolby software, which includes familiar transport controls and also allows central network control, easy installation, programming and monitoring. Open web services allow third party integrators to have complete control.

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