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Decade of the Oceans - 1st National Cryptoart Exhibition

In the "Decade of the Oceans - 1st National Cryptoart Exhibition," artists explore the connection between contemporary art and blockchain, and the visual works have captivated everyone. On Projeções, a leader in audiovisual solutions, ensures an impactful experience with the highest quality and technique.

Produced by: Metaverse Agency, Interlúdio, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Ministry of Culture, Federal Government - Union and Reconstruction
Production: Dellarte Soluções Culturais
Sponsored by: City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, Municipal Secretariat of Culture, and PwC Brazil
Supported by: On Projeções and MultiRio Terminals

On Team:
Commercial Service: Renata Carneiro
Production: Camila Nakamura
Technicians: Pedro Philippe and Tercio Rodrigues
Team: Renato Rodolfo and Rodrigo Rodrigues

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