Disguise VX4-n

VX 4 Pro Series:

The Industry Standard Media Server for Live and Virtual Productions
  • High-Performance Video Playback:
    Designed for playback of up to four times 4K@60p uncompressed video, utilizing a high-performance NVME RAID drive array. Also offers the capability to play 10-bit videos without quality loss.
  • Advanced Capture Capabilities:
    The VX 4 Pro Series has the capacity to capture up to 16 3G-SDI inputs, maximizing your production possibilities.
  • Faster Network:
    More bandwidth with dual 100GbE and 10GbE ports, facilitating fast media file transfers and live high-resolution video capture over the network.
  • Power to Scale:
    Synchronize multiple machines with Genlock to create a single large video screen up to 16K pixels wide (per surface).
  • Robust Construction:
    Designed for challenging environments, the VX 4 Pro Series features a robust aluminum chassis and TrueCon power.
  • Creative Freedom:
    Video Format Conversion (VFC) cards allow for quick changes of server outputs between HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, SDI, and 2110.

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Disguise RX-II

Power to Render Photorealistic Images in Real Time

With the RX II, you have the power to render high-quality content in real time, displayed directly on the LED panel and virtual sets.
  • Faster Graphics Processing:
    Create backgrounds and photorealistic content in real time and trust the RX II to deliver your content to the LED with minimal latency.
  • Create a Better Story:
    Engage your audience with the highest quality content. Don’t limit your imagination - be creative with generative content, augmented reality, and pixel-perfect graphics.
  • Fast and Reliable Performance:
    The RX II is built to withstand the most challenging environments with a robust chassis and a powerful render node that integrates reliably into the disguise ecosystem.

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