Core 3D technology

The main component of Dolby 3D is a multi-view / accurate pixel conversion module. We designed to provide the most "accurate" 3D video in the industry for glasses without glasses (auto stereoscopic). Other important features of the module include:

  • Real-time conversion of 2D content to 3D;
  • - User control: you can adjust depth and perspective for any 3D display.

Dolby 3D also features video codec enhancement technology with full resolution compatible with bandwidth ( FCFR) for all devices that support the H.264 video codec. This guarantees full HD playback at any connection speed across a wide range of devices.
Dolby 3D comprises two systems: 3D without glasses for TVs, PCs and portable devices; and a unique digital cinema technology. Both systems offer sharp, vivid images with exceptional color fidelity and realistic 3D effects.

Spetecular 3d Image

The most important aspect of any 3D technology is the image and Dolby® 3D offers. You will enjoy vivid images with realistic depth and exceptional clarity.

Full resolution

Other 3D systems provide only half a resolution for each eye. Dolby 3D updates these signals to full-resolution 3D for both glasses-free 3D glasses and traditional glasses. You will enjoy a much sharper image.

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