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Exhibition 'Frontal Landscape' - SP Haus

At the exhibition 'Frontal Landscape' at SP Haus (@viva.sphaus), On Projeções was responsible for the LED panel on the facade, as well as the projections for the exhibition, which included an immersive room with 4K content, along with two other environments with projections. The installation and assembly were carried out following a detailed technical project designed by On Projeções to ensure quality and precision at every stage.

The exhibition, curated by creative directors Juliana Pippi, Allex Colontonio, and Andre Rodrigues, brings together photographic art and sensory experiences in the approach to Unilux products (@uniluxpersianas). 

Technical Team:
Commercial service: Marcos Boromello (@marcosboromello).
Technical Coordinator: Damian Campos (@damiancampos.tv).
Technicians: Ariel Campos (@arielgcampos); Damian Campos (@damiancampos.tv); Manoel Souza (@Soumanoel); Ivan; Carlos Balardin (@carlosbalardin) and Felipe Castelo.
Images and Editing: Fernanda Andrade (@fernanda.sfa).

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