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Mesa do Lado

Immersive restaurant

Mesa do lado is an experience that sharpens all the senses, a comfort to our hearts, and is pure art.

The menu consisting of several dishes is served over approximately 2h30, paired with select drinks and a sound and visual show planned by art director Batman Zavareze, creating a delicious atmosphere that is difficult to describe in words.

Each dish prepared by Claude Troisgros is accompanied by a projection created with genius exclusively for this project, giving the sensation of being inside the scene through video mapping techniques, alternating between songs, phrases, and videos, and Claude himself who could not fail to appear. The soundtrack was created by producer Max Viana and composer Línox Lnx. On Projecoes is responsible for projections and management.

Worth knowing! In Rio de Janeiro, on Rua Conde Bernadote, Leblon, behind Chez Claude.

technicians Pedro Phillipe, Luiz Fernando Azeredo and Rodrigo Rodrigues
service Paula Machado and Renata Carneiro
images Tomas Rangel and Georgia Barcellos



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