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XR Extended Reality 

Our first commercial shot entirely in XR or Extended Reality. A new technology that comes to innovate audiovisual productions. On Projections was responsible for assembling the virtual set with the LED display, tracking system, sensors, players and Unreal Engine control, and programming and operation of XR technology, in collaboration with Pi / Proyección. According to O2 Filmes, “The 3D scenario of a futuristic factory was built using the #UnrealEngine software and projected onto a 12m wide LED panel. This system tracks movements and projects the image with the proper perspective so that the effect works for the camera's point of view. Initially developed for the games industry, this technology is being adapted for the audiovisual sector due to the quality of graphics that reach a surprising level of realism. In addition, it is possible to have control of everything: light, color, animation, modeling and manipulation of objects in a few clicks”.

production O2 Filmes
directed Fred Luz
Agency OD Brasil

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