Panasonic PT-RZ34K

Projector Panasonic PT-RZ34K
The smallest and lightest projector over 30,000 lumens on the world market. First unit in Latin America.
Compatibility with all PT-RZ21K projector lenses.

Light source: laser
Technology: 3 chips (double)

Brightness: 30.500 lumens - 32.000 (center)
Native resolution: WUXGA (1920x1200 px)
Weight: 68,6 kg

Available Lenses:
ET-D75LE90 (0.36:1), ET-D75LE6 (0.9~1.1:1), ET-D75LE10 (1.3~1.7:1), ET-D75LE20 (1.7~2.4:1), ET-D75LE30 (2.4~4.7:1), ET-D75LE40 (5.6~7.4:1), ET-D3LEF70 (fisheye).

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