Watchpax 4

WATCHPAX 4 is a dedicated media player with four DisplayPort outputs and built-in WATCHOUT license. Robust and stackable, the WATCHPAX 4 houses the latest graphics technology and was designed exclusively with WATCHOUT in mind. The locked unit is ready to use on your platform, right out of the box. The WATCHPAX 4 is compact, weighing just 3 kg. Other practical details include a carrying handle, rubber bumper and Kensington security slot.

Manage and control WATCHPAX media servers or WATCHOUT systems, as well as power, lighting.

Built-in WATCHOUT license
Outputs - 4 x 4K (UHD) playback, DisplayPort 1.2
Industrial grade components, optimized for WATCHOUT
Media Storage - 1TB (1GB/sec) for fast playback of large files
Network - 1Gb Ethernet for high-speed content transfer
Optional 4K video capture and multi-channel audio (2 x USB3 for flexibility)
Audio output - 3.5mm stereo

Embedded Window

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